Camping Laundry Equipment

MAG Laundry Equipment have been supplying this sector for many years. We fully understand the importance of laundry equipment in all Camping and Caravan Sites.

The camping and caravan industry demands the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency and we are dedicated to providing only the very best laundry equipment to all our customers.

All our commercial laundry equipment meets all the up-to-date national care standard WRAS approval and of course the Health and Safety Guidelines HSG (95)18 programs are as standard on all our commercial washing machines.

We always stock new and full reconditioned commercial laundry equipment, coin operation or token start machines with high security cash boxes.

French Freedom Holidays require the best service especially in the peak season. MAG laundry equipment understands the requirement of all holiday parks and the right laundry machine is vital as many laundry rooms are unmanned so the equipment must be robust and secure.